Impartiality and Objectivity in every Element


BEESCORE is committed to undertaking all activities free from any conflict of interest. Policies and procedures have been implemented to ensure impartiality and objectivity in every element of the business inspiring confidence in analysis and verification decisions.

BEESCORE have analysed potential threats to Impartiality and have implemented policies and procedures to avoid any bias in:

  • Consultancy vs. Verification:

  • BEESCORE has ensured complete legal separation from any consultancy services. Procedures have been implemented to ensure that no verification activities are performed within 2 years of any client receiving any consultancy services that may have been performed by BEESCORE or its directors / employees or verification analysts.

  • Relationships:

  • BEESCORE has implemented procedures to ensure that all relationships are analysed to assess any potential conflict of interest and threat to independence including any reference to verification activities being regarded as “simpler faster or less expensive” if a particular consultancy is used.

  • Personnel:

BEESCORE ensures that, through the recruitment process, successful candidates demonstrate this competency and are contractually bound to ensuring the highest degree of objectivity in their role, that staff are adequately trained in recognizing potential threats and have appropriate avenues of communication to report intimidation or undue pressure.